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I am a Hopskip user on the agency owner side currently. We started to utilize it to deploy our RFPs for clients in Q2 2023. The system is so easy to use, built with planner input, and we have seen great results utilizing the platform. The reports and presentations that HopSkip creates have also cut out work hours for us.

I appreciate that as agencies/sourcing agents/planners, we pay to play, not the suppliers. This brings integrity to the system as well. I never want to pit competitors against each other, but I have utilized Cvent previously and would never switch back.

Katie Riggs
Chief Event Strategist, Riggs & Co.
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Planners pay for the service instead of hoteliers which means a level playing field, greater integrity and (one would assume) better qualified and more collaborative RFPs. Every lead I have sourced on HopSkip has gone to contract - except those still in the pipeline, of course.

The system is highly customizable, easy to use, and the customer service team is top-notch. It has saved me countless hours in searching and sourcing, not to mention tracking the status of proposals/contracts and analytics for comparing them. It truly is a game-changer!

Dylah Hughes Wallenius, CMP
Meetings Director, ACTEC


A platform designed by planners for planners

Personalization at its finest

Craft professional RFPs

Personalize your RFPs to match your organization’s needs. Save even more time and convert your recurring events into RFP templates. Store and re-use common questions and concessions.

always receive complete and accurate requests
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Global Connectivity at Your Fingertips

Discover and connect with 120,000+ hotels worldwide

Navigate through an array of global venues, fine-tuned to your requirements. Filter your search to zero in on the perfect venue that will make your event shine.

Maintain Your Professional Network

Utilize your hospitality network, stay engaged with your contacts

Harness the power of your professional connections. HopSkip lets you stay connected and facilitates easy interaction with your network throughout the RFP process.

stay connected
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Streamline your decision making

Effortless comparisons for detailed proposals

Empower your negotiations with easy side-by-side proposal comparisons. Forecast your event's total spend accurately.  Never miss a single cost detail from service charges, resort fees, and per-room taxes.

One Click Proposal Summaries

Transform proposals into branded presentations

Convert your proposals into professional PowerPoint presentations.  Download your presentation with your company's logo and branding.

One Click Proposal Summaries

Transform proposals into branded presentations

Convert your proposals into professional PowerPoint presentations.  Download your presentation with your company's logo and branding.

Proposal Summary Presentation
Eliminate any last-minute surprises

Book your hotel with confidence

Have a clear understanding of your projected spend vs. budget.  Know which contract clauses and concessions have been approved and not approved before contracting.

Highlight your achievements

Show off your wins and convey your value

Presenting to clients and stakeholders is easy. Generate PDF and Excel reports with the click of a button.

Access key reports and customize them to match your organization or client’s needs.


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Includes 1 license

Built for independent planners who want to scale their event sourcing


  • circle-check-duotone (1) 1 Send unlimited RFPs
  • circle-check-duotone (1) 1 Compare proposals for up to 20 hotels per RFP
  • circle-check-duotone (1) 1 Include your NSO and CVB contacts on RFPs
  • circle-check-duotone (1) 1 Search for hotels pre-RFP
  • circle-check-duotone (1) 1 Create and save RFP templates
  • circle-check-duotone (1) 1 Create a contract clause library
  • circle-check-duotone (1) 1 Access RFP reports and proposal exports
  • circle-check-duotone (1) 1 Customize reports with your company logo



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What the community has to say

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I've been a HopSkip user for almost a year and my experience has been exceptional. The user-friendly journey, from exploring potential venues to receiving well-formatted proposals, is outstanding. The clarity of budgets, my favorite feature, simplifies my work significantly. I also appreciate the option to convert proposals into presentations for my stakeholders. HopSkip has effectively addressed common RFP issues, creating a seamless process. The team is extremely responsive and eager to receive client feedback for feasible improvements.

Hannah Linder
Head of Events, VistaPrint
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HopSkip has drastically reduced the time the RFP process takes, saving our clients money.

Amy Spaulding, CMP
President/Owner, Event Highlights
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HopSkip's reports have been a game-changer for me.

Susan Pitts
Travel Services Specialist, Progressive Insurance
Susan Pitts

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HopSkip has many features that make it much easier to use than any other sourcing tools we have used in the past.  Best we have seen!!

Scott Winegar
Owner, TMN Events Inc.

Scott Winegar

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I have been with Hopskip from day 1.

Speaking as a third-party planner, we switched from Cvent to Hopskip and Hopskip gets it! The process on the planner side is far superior and it’s up to date. Every time I submit an RFP I am always pleased with how user-friendly, accurate, and easy it is to use. And in the rare chance I come across something that could be improved, I message the Hopskip team and it’s fixed promptly. I highly suggest working with them. 

Alex Baranick
Vice President, Conference Operations, Medical Planners International

Alex Baranick

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I have been using HopSkip since 2020 and love it. The platform is very cost-effective and easy to use. Their customer service is top-notch, and their contracting webinars are wonderful. I highly recommend HopSkip.

Diana Carmenates, CMP, CAE, DES
Senior Meetings & Events Specialist

Diana Carmenates, CMP, CAE, DES

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I find HopSkip to be quite an effective tool. HopSkip is much more user-friendly and allows the third party to have more control over how the RFP is created and control the narrative for the client. The platform also allows for greater communication with the properties sourced. HopSkip, in essence, serves as an extension of your team behind the scenes

Dennis Centorbi
Founder/CEO, Centorbi Enterprises

Dennis Centorbi

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We just wrapped our first year with HopSkip and LOVE HopSkip.

The amount of time we spend on our Sourcing has at least halved. Our favorite feature (which we haven't seen anywhere else) is the capability to download all hotel responses and proposals into a PowerPoint deck with your branding that you can send directly to the client (and the PP is editable). We just renewed for our second year and would highly recommend it!

Christy Froelich 
Principal/Owner, Precision Planners
Christy Froelich

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The HopSkip platform and the team are amazing. The system is efficient, user-friendly, and provides transparency with your unrivaled sourcing process. The data points, reporting features, and ability to streamline communications save hours with your process and provide high-level details easily customizable for your stakeholders. Their customer service is top-notch. They are responsive, and more importantly, they listen to their clients and immediately jump into action to implement changes and add features to ensure continued success.  Try them out - you will not be disappointed.

LaTika Webster
Event Sourcing Manager, National Society of Black Engineers

LaTika Webster

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