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MICE Market Analysis

Your monthly digest of essential data points and trends in the meetings and events industry

Video & Guide

How to Approach Force Majeure In Your Hotel Event Contracts

Learn how to approach the Force Majeure clause in your hotel contracts


167 questions to ask during your next site visit

Get a seasoned meeting planner's free template and expert advice to evaluate if a venue meets your program requirements.

Industry Insights

Insurance for meetings, events, and tradeshows

Learn why insurance is important for live events and how to verify vendor coverage. 

Industry Insights

Indemnification in your hotel contracts

Understand the concept of "mutual indemnification" and discover how groups can effectively utilize it as a robust risk management tool.


21 Hotel Concessions To Know

Discover the most popular Hotel concessions and download the HopSkip eBook "21 Popular Hotel Concessions."


15 Critical communications to know for your next RFP

Ensure you're sending these 15 crucial RFP communications throughout the sourcing process.

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