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HopSkip empowers DMOs to be front and center during the planner's destination search process, unlocking new opportunities to convert new business.

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Put your DMO in front of the world’s best planners.

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Unleash your expertise

Suggest and send RFPs to your local hotels

Harness your destination knowledge and expertise to suggest and send RFPs to hotels, unlocking new avenues for growth and fostering collaboration.

Easily review and compare submitted proposals

Access user-friendly proposal comparison reports for the hotels you suggested, making it simple to analyze and compare the submissions for efficient decision-making.

Always be kept in the loop

Never chase RFP updates

Never miss a change in status - you’ll be updated in real-time. Connect directly with the planner to confirm details and answer questions. Receive notifications via email or text message to make sure you never miss an update.

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Master your market

Unlock competitive destination insights

Access user-friendly proposal comparison reports for the hotels you suggested, making it simple to analyze and compare the submissions for efficient decision-making.

Master your market

Unlock competitive destination insights

Tap into valuable destination intelligence to shape your strategy and gain a competitive edge in the market


Track your wins, celebrate your success

Leverage robust reporting tools to track and analyze your booked opportunities. Keep a pulse on your accomplishments and celebrate your wins.

What the community has to say

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My association market client switched from Cvent to HopSkip in Q3 2021. After more than a year, I checked in with them, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. They find the platform easy to use and are impressed with the hotel's response time. The HopSkip team's service has also earned high praise. It's clear that HopSkip is a solid competitor for Cvent

Jennifer Steele
Global Account Manager, Marriott International
Jennifer Steele-1

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We've been using HopSkip for a couple years now & their lead volume is increasing as they build out their client base... while their lead volume isn't at Cvent levels yet, some of that is actually by design. We love working with the HopSkip system & team!

Rhett Wilson
Director of Sales & Marketing, Hyatt Hotels
Rhett Wilson (5)

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I’ve worked with HopSkip the last couple of years. The platform is user-friendly, the customer service is great, and my customers rave about it. Give it a try!"

Donna Bongiovanni
Global Director, Americas
Donna Bongiovanni-1

Untitled design (21)

HopSkip is a simple platform with great support. My customers love it!

Elizabeth Winstanley (CMP-HC)
Director of Sales, Worldwide Accounts 
Elizabeth WinstanleyBaranick

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I am really enjoying the HopSkip platform. It is super user-friendly, so responding to leads is fast and efficient. Starting to see more and more accounts leveraging the platform and the analytics that can be made available with membership, are extremely helpful.

Shannon Rivers
Sales Executive at Delta Hotels by Marriott, Grand Okanagan Resort
Shannon Rivers (1)

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I've been a HopSkip user for almost a year and my experience has been exceptional. The user-friendly journey, from exploring potential venues to receiving well-formatted proposals, is outstanding. The clarity of budgets, my favorite feature, simplifies my work significantly. I also appreciate the option to convert proposals into presentations for my stakeholders. HopSkip has effectively addressed common RFP issues, creating a seamless process. The team is extremely responsive and eager to receive client feedback for feasible improvements.

Hannah Linder
Head of Events, VistaPrint
Hannah Linder-1

Untitled design (21)

Love HopSkip!  We have increased business for sure and they are great to work with!!!!

Jay Heidenreich
Regional Director of Sales & Marketing, Fairmont Hotels
Jay Heidenreich- website-1

Untitled design (21)

We just started using Hopskip and the results have been significantly better than Cvent from our perspective. Better quality leads, no duplication from other lead sources and we are seeing better conversion as well. I would recommend them!

Dan Techman
Director of Sales & Marketing, Hilton DoubleTree Magnificent Mile

Dan Techman-1

Untitled design (21)

I have been with Hopskip from day 1.

Speaking as a third-party planner, we switched from Cvent to Hopskip and Hopskip gets it! The process on the planner side is far superior and it’s up to date. Every time I submit an RFP I am always pleased with how user-friendly, accurate, and easy it is to use. And in the rare chance I come across something that could be improved, I message the Hopskip team and it’s fixed promptly. I highly suggest working with them. 

Alex Baranick
Vice President, Conference Operations, Medical Planners International

Alex Baranick

Untitled design (21)

Planners pay for the service instead of hoteliers which means a level playing field, greater integrity and (one would assume) better qualified and more collaborative RFPs. Every lead I have sourced on HopSkip has gone to contract - except those still in the pipeline, of course.

The system is highly customizable, easy to use, and the customer service team is top-notch. It has saved me countless hours in searching and sourcing, not to mention tracking the status of proposals/contracts and analytics for comparing them. It truly is a game-changer!

Dylah Hughes Wallenius, CMP
Meetings Director, ACTEC


Untitled design (21)

The HopSkip platform and the team are amazing. The system is efficient, user-friendly, and provides transparency with your unrivaled sourcing process. The data points, reporting features, and ability to streamline communications save hours with your process and provide high-level details easily customizable for your stakeholders. Their customer service is top-notch. They are responsive, and more importantly, they listen to their clients and immediately jump into action to implement changes and add features to ensure continued success.  Try them out - you will not be disappointed.

LaTika Webster
Event Sourcing Manager, National Society of Black Engineers

LaTika Webster

Untitled design (21)

I work with HopSkip as the assigned Business Development Manager at Hyatt. The platform itself is very easy to use and provides complete and accurate RFP information. This allows for higher quality leads and information at hand to help you find the best properties to fit your needs. HopSkip has also raised the bar on how to provide customer service. Don't hesitate to give HopSkip a try!

David Turman
Business Development Manager, Hyatt Hotels Corporation

David Turman

Untitled design (21)

I have been using HopSkip since 2020 and love it. The platform is very cost-effective and easy to use. Their customer service is top-notch, and their contracting webinars are wonderful. I highly recommend HopSkip.

Diana Carmenates, CMP, CAE, DES
Senior Meetings & Events Specialist

Diana Carmenates, CMP, CAE, DES

Untitled design (21)

I have found HopSkip extremely user-friendly.  Setting up our profile was easy and concise as well.   We have received around ten RFPs from HopSkip and have won one piece of business.  I have personally been impressed with the platform and the team.

Daniel Gibby
Senior Sales Manager at Kimpton Hotels & Resorts

Daniel Gibby

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  • circle-check-duotone (1) 1 Measure hotel RFP responses and engagement in real-time
  • circle-check-duotone (1) 1 Export RFP and proposal PDFs
  • circle-check-duotone (1) 1 Access historical win/loss records and RFP history
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