Ladidadi Boosts Growth and Saves $25K Yearly with HopSkip

Discover how Ladidadi Events & Incentives transformed its meeting and event sourcing process, boosting productivity, cutting costs, and driving growth with HopSkip.

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Noelle McInery

Founder and President, Ladidadi Events & Incentives

Company Name: Ladidadi Events & Incentives

Industry: Event Services

Employee Size: 12 employees

Events Sourced per Year: 25-30 events

Joined HopSkip: 2021

Turbocharged Event Sourcing with Ladidadi Events & Incentives


Ladidadi Events & Incentives, a creative experience agency, specializes in designing and executing immersive, memorable experiences that connect brands with their audiences. Ladidadi Events & Incentives is responsible for booking the host hotel for their clients' meetings and events and is often asked to recommend hotels based on their extensive experience.

Before implementing HopSkip, Ladidadi faced a time-consuming and manual process for booking meetings and events. Their hotel event sourcing process involved leveraging their National Sales (NSOs) and Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) contacts and utilizing Google Sheets to track and compile hotel responses.

The Challenge:

The primary challenges Noelle and her team faced were the time-consuming nature of their process, the disorganization of information across different spaces, and the limitations of using Google Sheets to track and recommend properties. These inefficiencies led to reduced productivity and higher costs and limited the opportunities for Ladidadi to grow its client base.

The Solution:

HopSkip's platform provided an intuitive user experience and specialized hotel sourcing tool, which streamlined the customer's workflow and enabled their team to request and evaluate hotel venue options more efficiently. The platform's PowerPoint feature proved to be a game-changer, eliminating the need for manually creating and consistently updating proposal PowerPoint presentations for their clients and allowing them to recommend hotels. efficiently.

Ladidadi Events and Incentives

"HopSkip allows me to grow my business since I can handle more clients with more volume."

Noelle McInery, Founder and President


The Results:

Increased business growth capacity by 25%

Ladidadi Events & Incentives team successfully handled more volume of events while experiencing an impressive increase in capacity to take on more clients to grow the business. Ladidadi unlocked accelerated business growth as they gained the capacity to serve more clients without compromising quality.

Cost savings of $25,000+ per year helps the bottom line 

Ladidadi's experienced an annual saving of over $25,000 by using HopSkip. This significant expense reduction allowed them to allocate resources more efficiently and invest in other business areas to drive even more growth and success.

PowerPoint Proposal Presentation feature saves each planner 10+ hrs. per event

The team at Ladidadi experienced significant productivity improvements using HopSkip's PowerPoint feature. It reduced the time spent on each program by 5-10 hours by eliminating the need for manual deck creation, which streamlined the property recommendation process the team conducts with their clients. This allowed the team to save valuable time and focus on other crucial tasks, ultimately enhancing productivity.

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Ladidadi Events and Incentives

"HopSkip continues to save my team time, keeps us organized, and helps us evaluate our options during sourcing"

Noelle McInery, Founder and President

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