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An all in one sourcing tool

HopSkip is a platform for planners to source event space and room blocks from hotels.

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A solution specialized for sourcing event space and room blocks at hotels

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Who Uses HopSkip?

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Trusted by all different types of organizations



Streamline the sourcing process

Create quality RFPs, submit quality proposals

Planners can include their standard contract clauses and terms, request concessions, ask questions and share documents as they create their request for proposal.

Hotels receive 100% completed RFPs; assign event rooms, provide event spaces information and room details with one click.  

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Centralize your communication, include all of your industry contacts

Planners and hoteliers both can create team accounts to allow members to view metrics, collaborate, approve RFPs or assign proposals. 

Add all of your relevant industry contacts to your "my contact list" in your profile contact to include on your RFP in one click. Create private chat channels or send a single message to multiple stakeholders in real-time.

Increase visibility, stay informed when actions are made

View the status of your RFP across all properties requested. Receive real-time notifications as the status of each hotels proposal changes.  

Create one account and associate of your properties under one username.  Assign leads to your hotel sales managers.  View RFPs assigned to you or view RFPs assigned across your entire team.  Understand the competitiveness of your proposal and view how the planner engages with your proposal after it's submitted.  

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Securely store your key documents for easy sharing

Planners upload your standard documents to your RFP to share with your hotel partner. Receive and download attachments .  Organize documents by owner.  Search for documents by name or key word.

Hotels can upload documents to their property profile.  Create folders to organize your documents for easy access.  Add attachments to your RFP or share them through a chat channel.  

Save time, receive confirmation upfront 

Request your organizations standard contract clauses to be included in the hotel agreement.  Ask and receive answers to your questions and automatically score responses for easy comparison.  Request concessions to be included in your contract.

Approve and negotiate contract language.  Answer planners questions offer or accept concessions during the negotiation process. 

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Report your wins

Download and share RFPs as PDFs or Excel reports. Understand key financial drivers to help you make informed decisions. View each of the major cost categories across all of your proposals.

Benchmark and see how your property performs compared to your other competitors in your comp set. Measure key sales metrics to help drive improvement.

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