Event Highlights Boosts Productivity, Drives Business Growth

Discover how the HopSkip platform empowered Event Highlights to streamline their meeting and event sourcing process, driving growth for the business while saving the company time and their clients money.

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Amy Spaulding, CMP


Company Name: Event Highlights

Role: President

Industry: Event Services

Employee Size: 1 employee

Events Sourced per Year: ~10 events

Joined HopSkip: 2021

Event Highlights Boosts Productivity, Drives Business Growth with HopSkip-HopSkip Customer Success Story



Event Highlights is a company dedicated to sourcing and producing client meetings and events. Amy Spaulding, CMP, President of Event Highlights, manages her clients' event sourcing and hotel contracting process.

Before using HopSkip, Amy's process involved researching hotels within a radius online, contacting each hotel to request a proposal, and sometimes utilizing CVBs and Global Sales (GSOs) for support. 


The Challenge:

Amy and her team's main challenge was the time-consuming nature of their previous process. They struggled with researching areas and lacked a central platform to compile and organize their findings. This increased the hours billed to their clients and limited the time to work on other events.  Amy and her team also lacked a central place to compile all requested hotel proposals, making the process cumbersome and inefficient.


The Solution:

HopSkip transformed how Event Highlights approached the RFP process, significantly reducing the time and effort required. With its robust database of over 120,000 hotels, HopSkip enabled Amy to quickly search and filter results tailored to her client's needs, making her more efficient at her job. The platform also provided a centralized location for managing all client RFPs, streamlining the organization, and boosting overall productivity.

One of Amy's favorite HopSkip features is the ability to draw a radius on a map to identify and request hotels within a certain radius or proximity with one click of a button, eliminating the countless hours dedicated to researching hotels and their proximity to landmarks that are important for her clients.

Amy also found HopSkip's customer service as "friendly, approachable, and instantly responsive to inquiries, issues, or concerns."

Event Highlights

"HopSkip is a great tool for smaller businesses that can't afford the big players in the space, and I don't think we are missing out on anything."


Amy Spaulding, CMP

President, Event Highlights


The Results:

Reduced RFP time by 80% per event by centralizing her clients' event-sourcing activities

Amy drastically reduced the time spent on each RFP by leveraging HopSkip's platform to consolidate all event-sourcing tasks in one place.  Centralizing her company's meeting sourcing, Event Highlights streamlined hotel communication, simplified proposal organization, and expedited decision-making. As a result, Amy and her team could dedicate more time to delivering high-quality events and personalized services for their clients, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Saved her clients' money by lowering billable hours by increasing efficiency

By streamlining the sourcing process, Event Highlights minimized the time spent on each project, directly translating into lower billable hours for their clients. This increased client satisfaction and demonstrated the company's commitment to delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions in the event planning industry.

Increased capacity to take on new clients

With the newfound capacity generated by HopSkip's platform, Event Highlights can now successfully onboard new clients without risking the quality of the service provided to her existing clients. This newly found capacity boosted revenue and cemented its reputation as a reliable and effective meeting and event-sourcing partner.

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Source smarter, not harder with HopSkip

Event Highlights

"HopSkip has drastically reduced the time the RFP process takes, saving our clients money."


Amy Spaulding, CMP

President, Event Highlights

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