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Planner Pro Trial FAQ

Effective Date: January 3, 2022

HopSkip offers all planners a 60-day free trial including all Pro features (see our pricing page for features).

Is there any credit card commitment to complete a trial on HopSkip?

No. There is no credit card needed at any point in time during your HopSkip Pro Trial. The only time you will ever be asked to enter your credit card information is if or when you decide to purchase a subscription to the platform.

What does my free HopSkip Pro trial include?

Your Pro Trial includes sending an RFP to hotels or your industry contacts, receiving proposals, accessing reports, and booking your group or meeting at the hotel that you select.

How long does my trial last?

Your HopSkip Pro Trial will last 60 days from the time you create your account.

What will I have access to during my free trial?

You will have access to all features available in the HopSkip Pro Subscription tier. You can find that list of features here.

How many RFPs can I send during the trial?

You can send 1 RFP during your Pro Trial.

What happens if I have any questions or need help during my trial?

We’re always available! We’re here to make sure you are successful. A member of our customer success team is available 24/7 using the chat feature in your HopSkip account.

What happens if I don’t send an RFP during my Pro Trial?

While we encourage you to only start your pro trial when you have an RFP ready to be created and sent to your hotel partners or industry contacts. However, we understand that plans can change so if you don’t end up sending an RFP during your free Pro Trial please reach out and we would be happy to review extending your trial so you can experience the benefits of the HopSkip platform.

Will I be able to access HopSkip after my trial ends?

Yes. You will be able to access HopSkip with the username and password you created during your trial. You can still download reports or view proposals after your trial has concluded.

Is my data protected?

Yes. Your data and information are 100% secure. Please feel free to read our data privacy policy here.

Still have questions?

We're happy to help! Just use the chat tool in the lower right corner of this page!


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